New Identity In-Christ

Sorry about the troubles, fears, exhaustion, worry, doubts, insecurity, etc. Well, I can’t change your circumstances, but I can teach you some “identity-verses.” In order to get go-juice (power) out of the Bible you need to understand it. When you are increasing your understanding of God’s word you are breaking up the “fallow ground” of childhood learning (womb to age 10)– including that very strong learning of identity.
Review-so-far: Increased understanding can lead to positive changes in the belief-system, including improved self-esteem (identity).
Speaking of identity– me teacher, you learner. I can decide for myself, but you have to decide for yourself. Read on to see if I can “rightly divide” God’s Truth so that you begin to experience an increase in understanding.

Identity-verse #1
(Rom 8:1 [NASB77])
There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Read this verse aloud, please.
Now once again, but this time read your name into the verse at an appropriate place so that it continues to make sense– like this:
(Rom 8:1 [NASB77])
There is therefore now no condemnation for ______ who (is) in Christ Jesus.
What does “therefore now” mean? Exactly so, you know.
What does “condemnation” mean? You know-sure.
What does “in Christ” mean? You may need a nudge here. Apostle Paul, the author of Romans, used “in Adam” to refer to non-Christians, and he used “in Christ” to refer to Christians. So this marks our verse as an “identity-verse.” Just so you know, Paul wrote a lot on the subject of Christian behavior, and a lot on the subject of Christian identity. Warning– study Christian identity, understand the “new-creation-identity-you” until it is like a big bell clanging in your belief-system. Then slowly begin to study Christian behavior.
Now, read our verse again, aloud, but this time read your “baby name” into it. Your “baby name” is what your parent(s) called you early in your life. Do you know it? If so, read it in. Mine was “Ran-boy.” My mother called me that. I don’t remember my Dad calling me anything. So, I’ll read– “There is therefore now no condemnation for Ran-boy who is in Christ Jesus.”
Am I sure about this? Yes, I am sure. Is this assurance go-juice for me? Yes!
Did you experience anything with this shorty exercise in faith? “Yes” is an experience– “no” is also an experience. Write yourself a note about your experience. Place the note in your Bible at Rom.8:1. You’ll be reading it again,soon?
Identity verse #2 coming up tomorrow!